Expert Tenant Referencing

Our Tenant Referencing......

Gives an instant Interim Report online for checking immediate suitability, followed by a Final Report, when referees such as previous landlords have been contacted.

Easy to understand decisions; Accept or Decline based on a series of extremely complex checks.

Widest data searches available Authenticate Identity of the tenant and their previous address(es), checks for CCJ’s, looks for detrimental information at undisclosed and linked addresses, analyses Fraud and Credit risk scores, including checking for potential impersonation fraud, and hidden information within Experian’s consumer information databases containing over 550 million records.

Effectively FREE if you or your Agent buy a landlords insurance package from us – we will normally discount the premiums by at least the cost of the first tenan treference.

"All Landlords want to know that a Tenant is likely to pay the rent, is unlikely to damage their property or be a nuisance and that he/she will leave at the end of the tenancy".... if only it were as simple as that?

Letting property is becoming a risky business, with increasing exposure to habitual fraudsters, identity theft and other potential issues. Tenant background checks, tenant screening or simply as we describe it, tenant verification helps to ensure the desired outcome of a successful let.

Tenant verification is more than a credit check it’s an expert and impartial third party verification of suitability of a tenant to rent property (we make the judgements & provide you with the information on which it is based). You pay for sophisticated searches designed for landlords to give the best possible indication of identity and propensity to default.

Our tenant screening includes authentication of the identity of the tenant and a risk score from a fraud perspective. This significantly reduces the risks of Landlords Identity theft by the tenant.

LetRisks tenant verification has been developed in conjunction with Experian using the latest technology and analytical techniques to obtain and match data from the most extensive set of records available in the UK. As part of our normal process we uncover hidden facts about potential tenants that you could otherwise be blind to, however good a judge of character you might be... and it’s not expensive when you consider the complexity of what you get.

Before you can start a tenant verification check, as data controllers ourselves we need to verify "who" you are and that you agree to our Tenant Referencing Terms & Conditions which require that you comply with the Data Protection Act and obtain appropriate consents from the persons who you are referencing. Please Register so that we can determine your access to the secure system.

Although we offer Instant Reports which give an immediate view on suitability, we recommend our Comprehensive tenant reference (tenant verification report), which we believe provides the best private tenant screening and tenant background check available in the market. These return an Interim Report based on complex searches of Experian databases straight back to the user, followed by a Final Report when information has been obtained from referees such as previous landlords, employers or pension providers, normally within 24 to 48 hours. Comprehensive tenant references provide detailed information where available, whereas Standard tenant references return only a decision on suitability.

We are dependent on referees responding to us to complete the tenant screening process however hard we chase.... you can assist by asking your prospective tenants to request their referees to respond promptly on our contact.

LetRisks comprehensive tenant verification reports are specifically designed to compliment all aspects of our Landlords insurance (and accepted by major insurers) as qualifying criteria to enable the provision of insurance for damage caused by a tenant, Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses.... insurers won’t take the risk on these landlords insurance extensions without a comprehensive tenant reference, why would you?

The software driving our tenant referencing process is intelligent and expertly designed to give you easy online self sufficiency 24/7 with the ability to view progress and ask a question or query, using state of the art technology. During working hours our customer services team are on hand to assist you in support of the web process.... just use our LetRisks main line 0345 072 0292.

If you buy a Landlords Insurance package (Buy to Let insurance) from us and confirm you have or will take one of our Comprehensive Tenant Verification checks our insurers will discount the premium because we are confident that their and your interests will be better protected.

Many Agents incorporate our tenant referencing as part of their management services because of the instant opinion on tenant suitability and transparency, which enable them to provide a better customer service responses to both landlords and genuine tenants. If you are an Agent who would like to also take advantage of the latest most effective system available please Register on this site or call our Agent Support Team on 0345 072 0292 who will be pleased to help.

Commercial Reports are available through our customer services team for Company Lets in respect of Limited and Non Limited Companies

Why should you use us.... we are specialists in the industry with products that are specifically designed to help Landlords manage their risks. Our tenant screening is, smarter and more effective than the competition.

LetRisks – combining quality in referencing and insurance solutions