Specialist Landlord Insurance

LetRisks Landlords insurance......

Designed specifically for Landlords giving the widest options in a single package at a competitive price....

Buildings and contents options include many additional features associated with letting property, damage caused by the tenant, rent etc.

Legal Liabilities, Legal Expenses and Emergency Assistance included as standard

Rent Guarantee can be added or bought standalone in conjunction with Legal Expenses... insurers take on the costs and hassle of evicting non paying tenants.

24/7 Legal and Emergency Helplines.

Underwritten by EC Insurance Company Limited together with AmTrust Europe Limited, legal services from Shoosmiths Lawyers.

Monthly premium payment option, subject to terms.

Insurance is about protection and surety that you will obtain the same position after a loss as you were before... to make this work effectively you need:

  • Confidence that your insurers and the system will work for you speedily and with the least fuss.
  • To reduce your risks where you can, through holding deposits, tenant verification and agreeing signed inventories at the start of a tenancy and using expert legal advice when things go wrong.

Our Landlords insurance package and risk management services are new products and with these specific goals in mind we at LetRisks take a wider perspective in providing cover for your let property.

Please note that we refer to Buy to Let insurance as Landlords insurance. Please see the summary of cover, for the key benefits of this insurance protection and the options available. You can limit these options to Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee insurance only if you require.

This package policy is available instantly online and through our telephony team for private landlords and property owning companies with 1-5 residential dwellings to let. We place insurances for Portfolio landlords and Commercial Property Owners separately according to individual requirements discussed and agreed with our specialist property insurance staff. Landlords insurance on let property is a tax deductible expense.

Letting Agents are well versed in the risks to landlords and can help you manage these as part of their duties. Our Landlords insurance recognises the effectiveness of Letting Agents in reducing the overall costs of risk by giving premium discounts where they are involved.

Tenant screening, tenant background checks help to ensure the desired outcome of a successful let. Insurers offer discounts when you use our service because of the complexity, depth of data and level of sophistication in the product provided by Experian. If we effectively give you the money back to pay for a tenant reference with us, why wouldn’t you do it?

So why should you use us... we are specialists in the industry with products designed to work for Landlords. Our insurance solutions are comprehensive yet simple to use, provided by top insurers and supporting partners.

LetRisks – combining quality in referencing and insurance solutions