Specialist Tenants Insurance

LetRisks Tenants Insurance....

Designed specifically for Tenants giving the widest options in a single package at a competitive price....

Contents including options to cover accidental damage to your landlords contents & personal possessions.

Liabilities and Emergency Assistance included as standard... protect you against unforseen incidents that may occur.

24/7 Emergency Helpline provides help at unsociable hours.

Underwritten by EC Insurance Company Ltd (ECIC) for excellent security and service.

Monthly premium payment option, subject to terms.

Insurance is about protection and surety that you will obtain the same position after a loss as you were in beforehand... to make this work effectively for you, you need:

  • Insurance which is designed for your needs (normal household contents often does not offer the full protection required by tenants)
  • Confidence that your insurers and the system will work for you speedily and with the least fuss
  • To understand your responsibilities under the tenancy agreement and the risks you assume in renting property

LetRisks tenants insurance recognises the dual risks which tenants face in protecting their own property and persons as on individual/ household, together with those arising through the circumstances of engaging in a tenancy. Typically our tenants insurance package gives the option to include cover for landlord’s contents where these are damaged accidentally (not general wear and tear) avoiding potential bad feeling, tenants liability for actions causing loss to the property.

Renting property creates liabilities, responsibilities and obligations on both the landlord and the tenant. These are becoming increasingly complex and disputes often occur through lack of understanding or interpretation by either party on the contractual or common law position. Tenants need access to correct advice in order to combat allegations of breach of their responsibilities at the same level of sophistication as landlords are able to employ against them.

As an occupier of the property the tenant is liable in the first instance (and has a duty of care) to visitors if they are injured as a result of his negligence or indeed some defect or issue to do with the property. How will you deal with this situation...can you be confident that the landlord himself has protection in the event you are subsequently able to show he is at fault? Many landlords do not appreciate that they need specialist Landlords insurance rather than standard household cover and therefore inadvertently invalidate their own policy. LetRisks aims to help it’s customers make informed choice about risk and in this instance emphasize the exposure to tenants, with the solution given in our insurance for tenants of Occupiers Liability cover to protect you in the event that an injured person asks you to compensate them.

Please see the summary of cover, for the key benefits of this insurance protection and the options available.

So why should you use us... we are specialists in the industry with products designed to work for tenants, our insurance solution is complex yet simple to use, provided by a top insurer.

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